Brenda’s Journey

I have known Brenda for many years. She and I connected early on in our friendship over body positivity, common interests, and her infections smile. I wanted a special way to celebrate our friendship so I offered her a Boudoir Session. She had all the doubts many of us feel about Boudoir, but she was on the most important journey of her life; to truly love herself and free her mind of the “fat brain” thoughts she felt. If you have ever been overweight, you know what I’m talking about. Brenda took the challenge and showed up! We had a wonderful session, and the images reflected the change of mindset that comes with it.

“With love and passion for photography, Amy of Amy May Photography, gave me the most precious gift, a different perspective of me in the mirror. With her camera, she elevated insight to my inner self.
On a very cold blustery lack luster afternoon with some of my sexy pretties in an old gym bag, I marched up those old wooden stairs to Amy’s Studio in awe that I could actually walk up them. Amy’s insightful knowledge of how weight can affect a women’s sense of self made her determined to make me feel comfortable running around that second-floor loft in my undergarments. Being so big I have never liked my picture taken, yet that day I began to feel like what a “Cover girl model” could feel like. Sitting, standing and posing while Amy exuberantly ran around finding the right light, had me dancing to a very jazzy tune.
This intimate inspirational experience has shown this old broad that the next 30 years could be the best yet. It was absolutely the most enjoyable and empowering time searching for the right adornments. Young girls dream playing dress up, well, I can attest to the fact so does old girls.
Every woman should try this enjoyable, enticing performance for themselves not just for a partner, especially with my new bestie Amy leading the charge.
My being bigger or older doesn’t matter but being greater later is pursuing POSITIVELY ME!” – Brenda

We WILL schedule another session! Her health journey has been a lifelong process, but her experience with Boudoir has positively affected her mindset that will carry her the rest of the way.

  1. Terrie says:

    Beautiful stories. You are both genuinely inspiring for everyone looking to see their better self image. Power on with your beautiful and inspiring work.

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