Boudoir sessions show a different side of you. For far too long,  you've held back. You have been too afraid to show the world your intense side! Let that go and dive in.
Someone out there believes in you and I will help you through this amazing journey! Show yourself you can do anything!

It's an intimate gift you will love.  Best part is that your experience will be with you always.

Break out of your comfort zone. Odds are, you've been spending too much time focusing on your flaws and not your beauty!
It's a fun experience where you have the chance to celebrate your beautiful body. It's a special session where you can discover the sexy that's been hiding within you all along. 

If you don't try something new, you'll regret it. Good things never come from holding back!

The Client Experience

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Before your Session

Yes, you will have homework.  We have several BLOG posts we'd like you to read in preparation for your session.  This will ease a few nerves.

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All sessions must be paid for before scheduling your session.  We do accept payment plans for your convenience.

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What's your story?  I want you to discover that confident woman inside; so be honest.

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Let's get your session on the calendar,  Don't wait any longer; you deserve this!


Let's talk about your outfits.  Are you using something from our closet or bringing your own.  Don't skip this step; it insures a successful session.

Before your Session

Don't worry, I'll help you with posing for your body style.  We will accentuate your best features!


HUGS & You're off for a night on the town


1-3 hours of professional photography


Time for your transformation!  Our Professional HUMA team will make you look FABULOUS!



What to expect during your session

You'll be greeted with champagne *. Not too much; we don't want your eyes squinting.

HAIR & Makeup

Time to go out and celebrate with your significant other or friends, because YOU will look & feel AMAZING!

We'll take you through a slideshow of your images and YOU decide what images you want!  Order only what you want.


revel in your new found confidence


Reveal & Order Session


We'll send you a link to schedule your appointment; maybe even a preview or two.

Time for the magic


After your Session

After your session is where I create a bit of magic.  I'll turn your images into in compelling & authentic art just for you!

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Walk with your head high, your session will change how you take on the world!

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